Oh heyyy!!!
My name is Amy, few things I must confess; I left my hard earned desk job to pursue modeling - my passion.

There's Not one limit to my abilities or what I'm capable of, plus I'm more than eager & ready to go.

Although; I'll admit Im terrible at waiting patiently, I'm even worse at not having control. 
I've  been told-
I'm dangerous & believed to have no fear ...and no heart. My excuse is always knowing Im my only biggest competition. I have a heart, it's just kind of tired.

I refuse to settle for less than I deserve and will ALWAYS do what I aspire to do either way you slice it.

With life being so short,  I will strive to live to the fullest with no regrets; Only standards and boundaries. Therefore, I do not do nude photos or pornography..

 I'd love to be desired to help brighten lives and lengthen them while modeling and advertising healthy-living. I've loved being fit and healthy ever since I can remember, it's apart of me and who I am.

big, bright smile, determination and a high tendency to love, I'm here to do anything We can dream of - as MY favorite dream, thus far, is modeling.
Send a message, don't be shy to ask. 
Give me a chance to brighten your photography, brand or what ever it may be, know I'm just a few clicks away.

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IG: queenBG.model
Snapchat: amyannfr5